We are quite small – a group of three colleagues.  My husband (Cele) and I (Chaeli) own and operate the Santa Fe based Coffee Mountain Inn and its tours.  Edgar is a Santa Fe native with 15 years experience as a professional guide in Santa Fe. I met Edgar years ago, wanted to work with him and finally successfully begged him to work with us this year. Together we developed a series of tours-we’re excited to launch in 2016.


Edgar has over 15 years experience as a professional guide in Santa Fe.  He sees a mountain and needs to climb it-trail or not, and knows Santa Fe like no one else.  He is a founding member of AMIPARQUE, a local non-profit developed to protect and educate about Santa Fe National Park.


Chaeli has her graduate degree in ecology.  She sees a route and needs to figure out where it goes- paved or not.  She leads our 4×4 adventures as well as managing daily operations of Coffee Mountain Inn.  Her…detail orientated personality…ahem…is an asset when planning your tours.


Cele is a Panamanian native who grew up in rural Veraguas -exploring, hunting and fishing.  His professional career led him to work for Tommy Guardia, the Panamanian equivalent of the USGS.  He has led and developed our tours for the past four years in Santa Fe and is highly rated by customers.